November 3, 2020

Executive of the Month: Haddad of Elijah Equities is reinventing commercial office space with The Warehouse

New York, NY The New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) sat down with James Haddad, principal at Elijah Equities, our executive of the month, for a question and answer session. 

NYREJ: What led you to pursue The Warehouse project in Chelsea? 
 Well, quite frankly our family has owned the building since I was a kid. It was formerly a textile warehouse facility for the Carolina Manufacturing Co., which my grandfather Eli founded in the early 20th century. Over the past two decades we watched as the neighborhood evolved from a gritty, industrial, almost-forgotten corner of Manhattan into basically the epicenter of art, culture, nightlife, and open space with the advent of the High Line park. I spent the earliest days of my teenage years physically working at the warehouse in this building. Being such an integral part of my childhood, it was important to me to preserve the original structure and have it flourish and appreciated by upcoming generations. Therefore, The Warehouse needed to be reinvented to achieve its highest and best use. Finally, as we are focused on the commercial office market as a firm with our other assets in Manhattan, it was an easy decision to stick to what we knew and deliver a first-class boutique office building into this now vibrant market.

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